Monday, September 16, 2013

Thank you everyone for participating in Jenn's Virtual Bridal Shower!! She had a great time with the games and gifts! I apologize for not posting pictures sooner, the weekend got away from me!

I would like to announce the winners of each game, judged by Jenn! For the Mad Lib, Jenn picked Christine's to be most funny. For in your purse, Brenda won with 39 points!! And for the game of 20 questions, the winner was Rebecca! I will be mailing everyone a little something as a prize! Thank you everyone for participating. It was alot of fun! I have a few pictures to share with everyone and Jenn also wanted to personally thank everyone for all of the love that was shown at this happy time for her :)

Monday, August 5, 2013


I hope that you enjoy what I've put together to celebrate Jenn before her special day! 

How it works:

1. Check out the tabs above.  You can read about Jenn and Sam's wedding details (I have provided a link to their wedding website).

2.  Like the traditional bridal shower, Jenn's virtual bridal shower will have games.  Use the links to participate in "20 questions", "Mad Lib" and "In your purse". Jenn will help me judge the winner of each game and I will contact you to send you your prize :) Answers must be posted by 3 PM on Sept. 14th (leave your answers in the comment box).

3. Under the Recipe Collection link I am asking that you leave a copy of your favorite recipe (or a link to it, if it is online),  for Jenn to keep as her gift from all of us :)

4. Under the advice link please leave Jenn your well wishes and any advice you may have for her.

5. I will be posting pictures of Jennifer and any warm wishes/gifts sent throughout the day so that everyone can enjoy her day!