Advice for the Couple

Me and my man ;)


  1. Still fairly new at the marriage thing myself, but I would say communication is key! Don't assume the other knows why you're annoyed, what you're thinking, what you want, etc... Always talk openly and honestly with one another. Also, be affectionate and kiss and hug each other daily. Say "I love you" everyday and every night before bed. And most importantly have fun and laugh with each other. Be silly and enjoy each day!

  2. Oh Jenny..... the best advice I have for you both is to live each day..... have fun and enjoy life together. At the end of each day always remember to kiss each other goodnight. And Sam the best advice I have for you is keep my girl happy!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Jenn and Sam,
    Cherish each day and find a way to connect anew. From time to time, look at the other as if you are meeting him/her for the first time and really listen and observe. Wow! Be sure to put aside all the chores, the responsibilities, the workload, and the electronics, from time to time, and really just hang out. Have adventures and mysteries together! Create your own rituals, and leave room to be impulsive and bring surprises and wonder into your lives. love, Patty

  4. From Eileen Gatewood:

    Well my darlings, I am not married so all I can say is the basics... Know thyself and share thyself. Yep, if you can keep track of who you are and where you are in your life and communicate it with each other, I think ya'll will be just fine. You are both making the conscious choice to recognize that amazing person you are betrothed to, and you love each other and know the other is totally amazing too. So don't hide from yourself, don't hide from each other. Be with each other, in every way you can, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
    I give you both my very best wishes and hopes for a blessed marriage. Love, Eileen